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Hi, I’m Melissa!

I was born a Yooper, and have lived in the Copper Country for twenty years. I am married to a kind and talented man and so thankful to be blessed with such a supportive partner. I am mom to seven precious children. I am gratefull for every moment I have spent teaching them and being together.

I am a lifelong artist and have been designing since I was a little girl. I grew up in a home that always had projects going on around us. The excitement of creativity and design is always swirling around in my thoughts and plans.

My husband and I have remodeled four homes in the last twenty four years of marraige. My love for seeing a home tranformed into a liveable and comfortable work of art will always be a thrill.

Helping others create a home of their dreams brings me so much gratitude. I love using the wisdom I have gained through the years to encourage and inspire you to have all that you dream of.

I am excited to give you the confidence you need to launch your daydream and see it through to a completed work of art that is where all your memories will be made.


Where you can find me!

Look for all my tips and projects on social media. You can also meet my team and see the products we are working on. Purchase vintage items, custom furniture and our very own product line.

Meet the Team!

Emelia Luella Rebman

Emelia is the sweet and talented design assistant who is hardworking, and honest. She was part of projects as a baby crawling in drywall dust. Since then she has grown into a young entrepreneur. She is full of creativity and innovation. After interior design her second love is fashion. In-fact, she loves all things creative. She is seamstress, photographer, and my Social Media Guru.

If you dont find her doing something creative, she is probably having coffee with friends, hiking, or snowboarding.

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Carissa Schmutzler

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