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Hi, I’m Melissa

I have always loved browsing around at a flea market or antique shop looking for something that makes a statement. As a designer I will encourage you to select a few items that you cherish. Perhaps a family heirloom or something you love on display in your home. This is our inspiration!! Whether you love simple lines or movement and color, I understand all types of style and will help you find yours.

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A Ball of Yarn!

A Ball of Yarn!

How beautiful it is to find the perfect place for Grandma’s candy dish. How special to hear the record player you sang the songs of Rainbow Bright with. Memories and treasures can shine all around your home. It can be a challenge to put these things to use. Many of us don’t see the beauty in a simple ball of yarn but putting things together using color, texture, and balance will make a simple antique a conversation piece.